understood as natural science

A New Professional Disciple of Human Knowledge

with scientific support

Organization” understood as an activity, is present in every aspect of life and defines the way things happen, and even more, defines the way things are going to happen. So the more you understand about Organization as a natural science, the easier it will be to understand and choose your lifestyle.


When we realized that the traditional “organizational concepts” weren't enough to explain disruptive phenomena on people’s life, nor companies or government, or during crisis or disaster scenarios, we decided to search for new approaches based on natural order’s organizational behavior to be able to explain discontinuities as part of evolutionary processes in a way that we can separate them from social manifestations related to symbols and beliefs integrated in cultural platforms that will always have to answer to environmental conditions. Finding a way of putting together both, natural and social order, allow us to relate every disruption to the correct evolutive process and align symbols and meanings, creating organizational solutions based on scientific understanding. 


Under this new approach Organization can be seen as a professional discipline that has designed  significative contributions such as the Universal Disaster Magnitude Scale that displace subjective appreciations with objetive numerical indicators in real time during disaster scenarios; or the Organizational Coefficient as a management tool able to build a “discontinuity map” to forecast crisis and understand the innovation path of company. This are only two example of how Organization understood as a natural science has change aspect that have been stocked for many time.


Now, human beings have supported knowledge to understand natural order behavior through personal and collective situations, as a starting point to develop better solutions based on what and how it can be changed, and what will remain as part of a bigger evolutive process.


The Word´s Organization Institute is the first organism dedicated to the Organization development understood as a natural science.